Mar 20

20 March 2019

Help and Guidance for UK Cake Makers dealing with COVID19

In light of all that is going on in the world with COVID19 we have decided to write this blog post for all those cake makers that will be affected. We are really keen on separating fact from fiction and so want you all to be aware of the tools you can use to help you and your cake business through this difficult time. 

Government Resources:

You can find guidance for employees, employers and businesses as well as information on healthcare advice for employers and support for businesses.

Just click here to access it.

NHS Resources:

For more information on COVID19 have a look at these links below.

  • For an overview of the virus and it's symptoms click here. 
  • For self isolation advice click here.
  • And for the 111 service advice use this link.
  • For mental health advice follow this link.

WHO Advice:

For more information about COVID19, use this link to take you to the World Health organisation where you can find out more information.

Good Hygiene Practices:

We all know that good hygiene is imperative at the best of times but it is essential now more than ever in light of COVID19. Below are links based on where you are and what precautions you should be taking with regard to good hygiene.

  • For the UK have a look here.
  • For Europe have a look here.
  • For Australia have a look here.
  • For the USA have a look here.

Tax and Financial Advice:

This is going to be a trying time for a lot of small businesses BUT we do know that the government are putting in practices and help to help you through. For guidance on financials just follow these links.

  • HMRC tax helpline see here. Note that if you owe tax you will likely be able to pay in instalments. If you run a small business or are self employed and worried about paying tax you can also contact HMRC on this number 0800 0159 559.
  • Coronavirus support for employees, benefit claimants and businesses see here.
  • For updates on the Government's response to coronavirus look here.
  • For guidance for employees, employers and small businesses use this link.

Grants Advice:

We contacted our local council in Bath - BANES and this is what we were advised. This is what we know at this point (as of 20th March 20) but we won't know more until the government updates us more. This is what BANES said: 

"Some businesses will be eligible for grants - The grant is intended for business that have premises that have a rateable value of less than £15,000. If you are one of these businesses you are not subject to business rates as government applies small business rate relief of 100% for those paying £12,000 or less and then a sliding scale to £15,000."

For those of you living in Bath you can sign up to their newsletter here and follow their twitter page here.

We would also advise getting in touch with your local council and following their twitter page as well as their small business page. 

For more information on grants follow this link.

BBC Updates:

The BBC is updating us daily on government press releases - you can find out more here.

Advice for those in Businesses Wales:

If you are based in Wales you can follow this link to find out the updates on what you as individuals and your business can do if you are affected by Coronavirus.

Advice on checking your insurance if your business has to close for a while:

All the information stated below is from the FSB. Follow this link for more information.

"Think about how your business insurance will work if your business closes due to an outbreak of the virus. Advice from FSB Insurance Service is:

Check your policy wording: Standard policies may not include any protection if your business suffers due to an outbreak of disease, regardless of circumstance.

  • Firstly, you need to check your policy, or confer with your broker to see if you have Business Interruption cover in your commercial insurance policy. Business Interruption insurance covers the income that you lose after a disaster, and often comes up when discussing terrorism cover (for example, after the London Bridge attack, local businesses that were forced to close for a period of time would have been able to claim for revenue lost under this clause).
  • Once you have confirmed that you have Business Interruption cover, you will need to check whether you have an extension for “notifiable diseases”. If you have this in your policy wording, you will need to reach out to your broker/insurer to confirm whether coronavirus is covered. The UK Government has declared COVID-19 a notifiable disease. Holyrood has declared coronavirus a notifiable disease in Scotland.
  • If it isn’t, you may be able to ask for it to be added by your insurer, but they are within their rights to refuse, or to ask for an increased premium."

Got Kids at home? Check out these resources:

The kids are off school from the end of the day on Friday 20th March 20 (UK) and so we're going to link some bits below that you can do to keep your kids happy, well and entertained!

We have also written a whole blog post on managing kids when working from home which you can read here

  • First up Joe Wicks, The Body Coach: Joe is doing a live PE lesson every morning 9am Monday to Friday - he is going to be the PE teacher for the nation! The replay will be up on his YouTube channel too so you can do it any time. Just click on this link to find out more.
  • Twinkl is a great resource for kids while they're not at school just click this link to access it.
  • The stop motion artist Trisha Zemp is doing a free stop motion kids camp! You can find out more details here.
  • Mo Willems is doing lunch time art classes for kids! Find out more information on this here.
  • The BBC will be increasing educational programming for school children across iPlayer and the Red Button. See more here. 

We'll keep you updated:

We hope you find this information useful and will keep updating it with more bits as and when we find them! So make sure you stay up to date with us. 

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