Mar 24

24 March 2019

Managing Kids When Working From Home

In the latest from the Government (UK) the schools have been closed and all mums across the nation are wondering what on earth they are going to be doing with their kids at home all day.

Are they going to fall behind? How am I going to get my work done? How am I going to keep my sanity?

All these questions may be running through your head and we get it. It's not going to be easy, BUT we have some great tips and resources to make the transition to having your kids at home a little easier.

You may be feeling a little bit like this mum, but don't worry we've got you! We're all in this together so check out our tips below.

Don't try and be a teacher:

It's really important to remember, you're not a teacher. You haven't done a PGCE and you don't spend 8-5 every day in classrooms, planning lessons and marking homework. Give yourself some slack and don't try and be something you never trained to be. You can only do your best so take the pressure off. 

There is a lot of value in other things:

Yes the usual English, Maths and Science subjects are important, but there are so many things kids can learn while being at home that will give them key life skills. 

Cooking, washing, helping around the house, sewing.

They are all key skills that children need to learn too so if the core subjects get missed a bit, don't worry. There is so much value in other things. 

Your children will remember how they feel:

This is a rare time where you have your children 24/7, you won't get this again any time soon so make the most of it!

This will truly be a time your children will remember, so focus on making memories and thinking about how they are feeling. Don't stress out about school work too much, they won't remember that in 30 years but they will remember how they felt and the happy memories made.

Use YouTube:

YouTube is a great resource and can be a life saver at times like this so make the most of it! We will link some resources below:

Joe Wicks is doing P.E. with the nation live at 9am everyday Monday to Friday so make sure you and your kids get moving! See here

Mr T's Phonics is great for online learning. See here.

Twinkl Resources have great online learning resources. See here.

David Walliams is releasing free 20 minute stories for children at 11 am each day. See here

Audible has made hundreds of books free, so make use of those to keep you and your kids entertained! See here.

The stop motion artist Trisha Zemp is doing a free stop motion kids camp! You can find out more details here.

Mo Willems is doing lunch time art classes for kids! Find out more information on this here.

The BBC will be increasing educational programming for school children across iPlayer and the Red Button. See more here. 

Keep a Routine:

Stick to a routine as much as you can but don't be too obsessive.

Kids like routine and are used to it so it's great to keep that going for them. However, if they stay up a bit later and sleep in a bit, that's ok.

White Time:

Remember, when kids are at school there is a lot of "white time".

Standing in the queue at lunch, moving between lessons and doing sport. So don't feel you have to do a full 6 hours of home schooling. Two is more than enough in many cases. 

Age matters:

Don't forget the age of your child. While it may feel like you need to be doing hours of home schooling each day, for a 4 year old it is not vital to be doing masses of work. Play is just as important. 

Take the pressure off:

You should have been provided with some work from the school your child goes to but each school varies. Don't feel like you have to do every last work sheet that you get sent. If it all feels like too much, take the pressure off.

Schools will be trying to cater for mums who don't work as well as mums who do. If you are a working mum, you will have to be working from home too, so if you don't get all the work sheets done, don't worry, it's not the end of the world. 

Talk to other mums:

Chat to other mums on forums and zoom, it can be great to check in and see how others are getting on so you feel less alone.

But remember, it's not a competition.

Do what is right for you and your kids, don't feel you have to do what Jenny down the road is doing if that isn't right for you. We are all unique so try not to compare. 

Write a diary:

You're kids will remember this time in 30 years, it is unusual, global and something most of us haven't experienced before. 

Try and write a diary with your kids each day, it will be a nice thing for them to look back on when they are older to remember this time. 

Remember, you're doing great!

Working from home, being a mum and homeschooling can feel like a lot. Take it day by day and remember, we're all in this together, it's not forever and it will get better. You're doing great.

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