Mar 20

20 March 2019

Tips for Working from Home

So it looks like a lot of you are going to working from home for a little while. Most of us work in offices and so making the transition from office working to home working can be tricky. Usually it's the odd day every few weeks and it's seen as a luxury - no commute, home cooked lunch and home as soon as your day is done. 

But this time it looks like it's going to be with us for a while, an extended WFH if you will. 

Don't worry though, we've got you covered with all our tips for working from home, you'll be productive in no time!

And before we start a little meme to lighten the mood.

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Stick to your 9-5

Firstly, it's super important to stick to your normal working hours. Whether that's 9-5, 8-4, or something else, it can be so easy for the lines between work and home to get blurred. 

Turn off all notifications when you're finished and try not to look at anything as if you've left the office for the day.

Make a to do list each day:

When working from home it's easy to forget things you have to do, you may not have the same structure and most of your tasks are given to you over email or message and can easily get lost.

In an office you can't ignore a person asking you to do something and so you right it down, but when you're working from home you can easily ignore or miss an email. 

So, make sure you write a to do list at the beginning of the day and keep it running throughout. When jobs come through, add them on, don't wait until you're 20 messages in and have to scroll back, do it straight away.

Get outside:

Fresh air will make a big difference to your productivity and feeling cooped up inside can make you slower. 

Open a window, get in the garden or go for a 15 minute walk to get those creative juices flowing.

If there is a lock down and you aren't able to go out, climb the stairs often, open the windows and go in the garden to help boost your productivity. 

Get dressed:

It is very tempting to stay in your pyjamas aaallll day, it's a novelty, you don't have to be anywhere and so you think "hey, pyjama party!".

I can however confirm that this get's much less fun as you reach 3 in the afternoon and all you want is a shower and normal clothes. 

So, make sure you make the effort. Get dressed. You don't have to be in office wear if you don't want to, but just something other than pyjamas will really help with your productivity and ability to work throughout the day.

Don't work from the sofa:

Another tempting novelty. The sofa just looks so plush and comfy - but don't give in.

Like the pyjamas, it's key to lowering productivity and the joy of sitting on the sofa after a long day at work soon disappears as you've spent the last week glued to the thing. If you can, work at a desk or table.

Don't work in the bedroom:

The bedroom should be kept for sleeping. That is all. 

Do things you normally can't:

This is a great opportunity to do something you normally can't! Have a cooked lunch instead of the usual meal deal. It's a nice way to take your mind off work in the middle of the day and do something different.

Take breaks:

This one is really important and so easy to miss.

Make sure you take breaks. Even if it's just for 5 minutes, it will do you good to step away, have a stretch and then start again.

Keep a dedicated space for work:

If you can, this is a great way to separate work life and home life. Having a dedicated space which you can shut off at the end of the day can be really helpful to keep the separation between work and home.

If you don't have a separate space then make sure you close your laptop and put it to one side so you can't see it or get notifications from it. That way, it won't distract you.

Enjoy the perks:

Working from home does have its perks and means you might have a little more time to do the things you can't normally.

This could be something as simple as baking bread. You can make the dough before you begin the working day and use your breaks to shape, prove and put in the oven. By the end of the day you'll have freshly baked bread!

Listen to music:

Working from home can sometimes feel a little lonely, but having some music on in the background can really help. Find an upbeat playlist or some soothing instrumentals to keep you company.

Keep in contact with your colleagues:

Finally, don't forget about your team. Check in every now on messaging, email or call. And make sure you don't miss your meetings that you would normally have, just call instead. It's important to touch base so you still feel connected, it's also a great motivation booster as other people can help keep you going.

Zoom is a great way to hold group meetings, you can find Zoom here.

We hope this has been helpful!

Working from home can take a little getting used to, but it's not forever and can give you a lot of freedom. If you are a member of the Academy don't forget to check in with us over in the forum to let us know how you're getting on! 

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