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If I were to describe you in just one word, it would be:


(Cake, Passionate, Ambitious, Talented).

You are really interested in making cakes and want to learn more.  You are ready to take things to the next level. 

BUT, if there was one word to decribe your current status, it would be FRUSTRATED.

You want to learn to make really amazing cakes that wow your friends and family.  

Or you already can make cakes but you can't seem to make those cakes work for you as a long term profitable career.

Yet you are frustrated because you either:

(1) don't have the skills to make the amazing cakes and/or

(2) secretly you have an ambition to ditch your REALLY boring day job so you can be a full time cool, kick-ass cake successful entrepreneur making heaps of money from your hobby. 

If you could make a career from cakes, you would have a much better lifestyle as you would be your own boss.  You would have flexibility to work around your family and friends and would not be stuck in a soul destroying office job.  

Your hobby would become your job and you would be so happy caking all the things AND getting paid to do it!

Well my friend, the time is now.  

Yes, maybe you:

  •  have no clue how to make really good cakes
  • need help to improve your cake skills so your skill level will improve
  • need someone to show you how to start a profitable cake based business
  • have a cake business but is not making the money you hoped and you need an injection of new ideas and energy
  • are a mum who wants a career that actually FITS around her children rather than constantly feeling torn in two between juggling motherhood and a job. 

​No matter where you are on your journey, you are ready to take it up to the next level.

But you just don't know how to make that a reality. You are frustrated and stuck. Right?

Trust me my friend, I have TOTALLY been there. At one point, I nearly gave up cake making as I just thought I could not make money.  Boy was I wrong - I  have made $millions from cakes - once I figured out the right way to do things. 

That is where I can help you.

Hi, I am Suzi Witt.  I am a cake artist, business educator and a mum to 3 kid and a $ multi million biz. My passion is teaching others how to make cakes and and how to set up and run a PROFITABLE cake based business. 

Most people who come to Pretty Witty Academy have next to zero cake knowledge.  Or they know how to make cakes but are struggling to get their business started or growing. 

That is where I can help.

My Mission

Now, around these parts, I have a few core beliefs....

  • I believe (and have proved through my students) that ANYONE is capable of making stunning, draw-dropping cakes.  We all have an inherant and UNIQUE, 'I was born with this' style. Don't believe me? Trust me, I'll show you. Still don't believe me...check out the 100s of testimonials from members past and present here.  
  • I believe that you have a HUGE ambition but that your life/job/family role have stopped you fulfilling your dream. I am here to help you bring YOUR dream to life in a way that fits around your current lifestyle and will change your life for the better 
  • I believe that everyone is capable of creating their own kick 'ass business but that some people need a holding hand to get them started, build their confidence and show them the way to growing their business. I am here to hold your hand until you are flying sky high all by yourself.  
  • Oh...and in case you didn't notice....I also believe that Super Woman is in all of us. The more women who start their own businesses, the better.  If you are a woman or a mum, I will ALWAYS have your back as I want you to get to the top. 

The lowdown: Wanna learn how to make stunning cakes and/or turn your hobby into a profitable business?...Then I am here to help every step of the way and take you from nervous to a kick 'ass rockin' it rock star...

Stephanie Janice 

Academy Member 

Suzi is always there for you to offer you advice and support

"It was Suzi who helped me get my start. Suzi taught me to make cakes. I then went on to her business training and now have my own cake company. The advice and guidance Suzi has given me has been invaluable. Suzi has been a MASSIVE support for me. When I got good enough, she even offered me a job as a guest tutor! The online school is AWESOME - you'd be crazy not to join!" 

Imogen Davidson

Academy Member

After learning with Suzi I set up a new business and quit my old job!

"Suzi is an inspiration.  I have been a member since she started the online school in 2012 and have attended classes with her as well.  Thanks to Suzi and her team, I learnt how to make amazing cakes. Then I turned my hobby into a business and gave up my old job. Suzi inspires me every day. She is so happy to give advice and will help and support you whenever you need support.  Pretty Witty Academy and Suzi are the "gold standard" for female entrepreneurs". 

Rachel Matthews

Academy Member 

Suzi has helped me learn from home so I can juggle motherhood

I have been a member of Pretty witty Academy for years. Because of Pretty Witty Academy I have learned so much from the comfort of my own home without having to pay for loads and loads of classes at set times. Being a mum and a business owner time is very limited. This site is so easy to get around and the tutorials are so easy to follow, my cake business has grown because my knowledge grows every day and I thank Suzi and Pretty Witty Academy for that. 

The Pretty Witty Academy Story

Pretty Witty Academy started in 2010 and I have been on an epic ride ever since then.  From my beginnings as a non - caker (I had never baked a cake in my life when I started Pretty Witty Academy) to reaching my first $1 million in less than 2 years, it has been amazing.

Pretty Witty CAkes revenue year 2

Since the very beginning I have tried to stay true to why I started Pretty Witty Academy.  I had quit my former job as a lawyer because it was completely incompatible with being a mum.  I wanted to build my own career that would allow me flexibility around my children.  Not only that but I wanted to help as many other women and mothers do the same thing.  Through teaching nearly 5,000 people in face to face classes and then through the now global online school, I have helped many women (and the odd man!) start their journey into cake decorating and I am proud to have helped so many of them start their own businesses.

I owe a huge thanks to my community of followers who have stayed with me on this awesome journey. I hope you will continue to be part of the Pretty Witty Academy story for many years to come. 

Want to see the journey in a time line  - click here to see the Visual Pretty Witty TimeLine

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5 fun facts
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Suzi Witt Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Ancient Egyptians
She can read
hieroglyphs fluently (she studied it for 3 years)

Suzi Witt trumpet player

​​​​Trumpet Player
She used to play the trumpet in a professional band

Suzi Witt hates yoga

Yoga Hater
She can't touch her toes so yoga makes her really competitive (and grumpy!)

Suzi Witt Spanish Wine

Spanish wine
If you give her enough wine, she will start speaking semi-fluent Spanish   

Suzi Witt Grays Anatomy

Grey's anatomy
She rarely watches TV but is obsessed with Grey's anatomy. 

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