Do you dream of writing your own book?

  • Imagine if YOUR book became a No. 1 Best Seller on Amazon
  • Imagine if YOUR book was translated into 3 languages
  • Imagine being paid a 5 figure sum as an advance for writing a book 
  • Imagine being able to reach 1000s of new customers all over the world with YOUR book

It doesn't need to be just a dream....
That is what happened to me just a couple of years after I started my business 

Pretty Witty Cakes Book Suzi Witt English and US Edition

English and US version

Pretty Witty Cakes German edition of Suzi Witt's book

German version

Pretty Witty Cakes and Suzi Witt Book cover SPanish Version

Spanish version

Suzi Witt standing in front of her own books

In 2012, 3 publishing houses in London offered me a book deal! Holy moly, I was blown A-WAY! Then in 2014, my first book was published. It shot straight to the the No. 1 Best Selling Slot on Amazon food books. 

Pretty Witty Cakes book Amazon best seller crop

Like a dream come true, I became a published author working from home with two little children around my feet.  As well as an English version, there were later translations made into other languages including Spanish and German.  

What they say:

Review of Pretty Witty CAkes book
Customer review of Pretty Witty Cakes book
Customer Review of Pretty Witty Cakes Book

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