Start / Grow your Cake Business

Did you know:

87% of cake makers worry they are charging too little (they probably are!)
74% of cake makers are not sure how to advertise... 
57% of cakes would start or grow a cake business but are not sure how....

The Pretty Witty Academy Business Membership is created to help solve ALL your business questions, worries or concerns.  

Suzi's vast experience covers baking cakes, teaching, running a cake shop (online and offline), building an online business, writing a No.1 Best Seller Amazon book, publishing a cake Magazine, public speaking etc - you name it, she has done it.

 You will save so much time and money by being a member and learning directly from Suzi that you will easily make back the cost of your annual membership fee. 

Who do YOU wanna be? 


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The Business Membership Courses

If you are serious about starting or growing your cake business then you need to become a Business Member at the Pretty Witty Academy.

You get instant access to everything Hobby Members get (ie the cake tutorials, forum etc) but you also get all the Business Tutorials, Business Masterminds, Q and As and daily help from Suzi in starting, running or growing your business. 

Business Membership Course Libraries

New Tutorials Added Regularly in the Academy
Business Members can also ask Suzi for specific business tutorials to be filming

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