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Nov 22

Peeling Cupcakes Cases

| Cake Articles

22 November 2018How to stop peeling cupcake casesOne of the most common questions that I am asked about cake making and cake decorating is “Why do my cupcake cases peel?”As far as I know, no one has ever come up with a scientific explanation for this. However, there is nothing worse than baking a batch […]

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Oct 07

How to Get Perfect Cake Colour Scheme

| Business Articles

97 October 2018How to get a perfect Cake Colour Scheme Some people find it really hard to choose colours and jus think “How  do I get the perfect cake colour scheme?”. If you struggle a little bit with the colour theory side of cake making, this short video is for you. This is a great little […]

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Sep 10

7 Tips when working with Florist Paste

| Home Page Blog Posts

10 September 20187 Tips When Working With Florist Paste (Gum Paste) Here are my 7 top tips for working with florist paste and getting the most out of it. It is also known as Gum Paste (in the USA) and Floral Paste. My Top Tips for working with Florist Paste:Tip#1: Use a good brandUse a really good […]

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