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incredible things happen....

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We talk a LOT, mostly about:

Pretty Witty Cakes Community

Cakes and Cake Decorating Advice...
You name it, we chat about it. Baking, Decorating, Techniques, Modelling, Sugar Flowers, Gravity Defying - its all there

Business of Baking Chat at Pretty Witty Cakes

The Business of Cake...
Not only how you set up and start a cake business but how you grow and expand it. Suzi has made cakes into a multi million $ business. She shares EVERYTHING with you from what works to what doesn't.

Multi tasking cake business and family

Being a Woman in the world of business.
To succeed in the cake world, you need MORE than just How To Guides. Suzi focuses on all the other things that are so specific to running a business as a female and as a mother.  The challenges you will face and how you overcome them. It's a warts and all journey and Suzi hides nothing from you so prepare yourself for a full on rollercoaster journey that will equip you to make your own business a success too. 

Water colour chat at Pretty WItty Cakes and Academy

Water cooler Chat Hangout
When you are a caker, it can be all consuming.  Sometimes you just need to chat  and share photos about more random things. Suzi's tribe is a safe place to chat without judgment about anything at all. 

Where Suzi hangs...

The Academy Forum 

A little clue - I LIVE in here!
Exclusive to Academy Members Only

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    Suzi is here EVERY DAY and HUGELY and personally involved in the forum
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    Private and Exclusive to Academy Members Only, it is an incredible safe, private and supportive community. 
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    You can do a whole lot more than you can on facebook and it's advert free, private and safe. 
  • Did I mention the Leader Board Trophies, and Clubs and more...?

It's THE place to hang out if you are a Member who is serious about taking your cake hobby or cake business to the next level. 

Free Facebook Group

For Anyone with a Cake Hobby or Cake Business 

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    Anyone can join - 'cept trolls.  Trolls are not allowed. 
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    Suzi pops in most days and will share things here that she does not share on the main facebook page. 
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    Not as good as the Academy forum but heh, it is free! 

Pretty Witty Community Rules

Meet Barry

Don't be a troll

Barry is an online troll

Barry got kicked out the Pretty Witty Community for being a dick.

Don't be like Barry.  

The Community Rules:  

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    Be Kind
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    Help People
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    Have Fun
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