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OK - I understand...You need to ask me some questions first. No problem - always happy to help. Please feel free to use any of the options below: 

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Search for Pretty Witty Cakes or click on the icons below to go straight there. 

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Instagram is a great place to share your cake photos and hang out.

I check Instagram once a day so expect a reply within 24 hours. If it is your fav social media platform, look me up @prettywittycakes and lets be buds.  To go straight there CLICK HERE. You can also follow my Suzi_Witt page on Instagram HERE.

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The Pretty Witty Cakes FREE Facebook Group is a great place to share your cake photos and hang out. Ask questions about cake or cake business. I usually pop in once a day.  Come and join the Group HERE. Or click on the icon to the left to follow me and ask away quickly and easily.   To go straight there CLICK HERE.

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Facebook is where it all started many moons ago.  Follow the Pretty Witty page for daily updates and to share your cake work. Click on the icon to the left to like the page and ask away quickly and easily.   To go straight there CLICK HERE

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YouTube is where I put out free videos.  A new video is published at 9am every Monday starting again from January 2019 (there are 100s on there at the moment) ! Subscribe to be able to view them all and get notification when a new free video comes out. Click on the icon to the left to go there or CLICK HERE.   

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Pinterest is a great place to look for cake inspiration and ideas and keep up to date with all Pretty Witty Cakes images. Click on the icon to the left to visit my Pinterest page  or CLICK HERE.   

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Twitter is great for quick shout outs. Tell me about your achievements and show me your cakes! Click on the icon to the left to follow me and ask questions.  Of CLICK HERE.   

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Linked In is a more formal network focused on the business side of caking. If you are starting or growing your cake business, lets hook up on Linked In.  Click on the icon to the left to follow me and or CLICK HERE.   

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Head over to this page for common technical problems and how to deal with them. 

Interview Requests

If you would like an interview for your blog, magazine, newspaper, event etc, then please email

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Business Face to Face Coaching

Business coaching at Pretty Witty CAkes

If you would like me to come and teach business classes at your cake school, please contact the office on  setting out the proposed date, location and requirements.  Someone will get back to you within 48 hours. 

I also offer some limited 1 to 1 business coaching for Business Members of the Academy. Please become a Business Member for more details about 1 to 1 business coaching. 

Plain old email

If you'd like to contact me and it doesn't fit with any of the above items, please please use the email or postal address below.  

Email: Please email

Postal: Address: Studio 104. 3 Edgar Buildings, George Street, Bath BA1 2FJ 

Please note that all emails will be answered by a real person. As we are an online business, we do not offer a phone support service at this moment in time due to intensive film and podcast schedules and the different time zones of all our members.  You will find that the fastest replies will come by using one of our social media channels. 

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